Friday, June 10, 2016

Improving Society Through Librarianship: The New Librarianship Field Guide

As I finish drafting a book chapter on the philosophy of a Millennial leader's role for the forthcoming Millennial Leadership in Libraries (Hein 2017), I was lucky to run across a new book by R. David Lankes called The New Librarianship Field Guide.

My chapter centers around a discussion of Millennial attitudes toward careers, including working for a socially conscious company, and how those attitudes shape the Millennial library leader's role for leading well into the future.

The New Librarianship Field Guide "reminds librarians of their mission: to improve society by facilitating knowledge creation in their communities." To this end, the book provides the "tools, arguments, resources, and ideas for fulfilling this mission."

As noted, "this guide is a part of a larger conversation about librarianship, one that gives rise to new tools, new resources, and new ways of convening all the time."

To be part of this conversation and find videos, articles, blog posts, and other resources to better prepare  you for improving society through librarianship, go to

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